Beats to Eat

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We love hip-hop without boundaries or ready to break them. Batteries Arent Food are just such an act. When it hip-hop so many follow the same tired formula and originality is lacking 'Batteries Arent Food are here to rescue us from the mundane. Fresh approach to beats and sampling is on the menu just don't try to eat the MPC cord, that's not food either. These cats are hungry for something different and they serve it up well.

Batteries aren't Food Started as a way to experiment with urban and electronic elements. BaF combines elements of hip-hop, down-tempo & break-beat along with other elements to create a refreshingly progressive sound.

Batteries aren't Food (BaF) was started by Synth3tik (Eric F.) in 2005 as a way to experiment with urban and electronic elements.
The original idea was to get away from other forms of electronic music that seemed to be getting sterile. BaF combines elements of hip-hop, down-tempo & break-beat along with other elements to create a refreshingly progressive sound.

Back to School

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Dave Patten creates his own brand of music from start to finish. Everything you hear on the singer/songwriter’s self-produced albums – acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums, bass, synthesized horns and string parts – is Dave. Rarely does a musician have the ability and talent to synchronize each aspect of his tracks to the exact specifications of his creative vision.

Yet Dave’s vocals alone make him a standout. His deep and powerful voice, combined with both pop rock and hip-hop beats, set him apart from the multitude of like-sounding musicians. Dave’s hit the collective pulse with songs like “Don’t Stop” off his third album, Pace of Change, and “Back to School” from his fourth and most recent album, No Direction. Reflective, soulful, and powerful, they embody just one side of his artistic expression.

Dave’s music has a wide Internet presence. His YouTube videos garner over 1.3 million page views. In fact, multi-platinum selling artist Wyclef Jean saw Dave’s adaptation of his song “Sweetest Girl” and invited Dave to open for him at Atlantic City’s House of Blues. Brian Kennedy, producer of Rhianna’s “Disturbia,” discovered Dave’s cover of the song and was so impressed that he added it to his own MySpace. Dave continues to produce original music videos, for which he not only writes and produces the songs, but also directs and edits each one. The level of support Dave receives from fellow musicians and his fans continues to grow.

Dave hails from the Philadelphia area, where he grew up around music and played drums in local bands. In 2006, Dave took the leap to invest in himself and his career. Now Dave uses his multitude of musical abilities, technical know-how, and boundless drive to create a sound that is different from anything else out there.

For more information about Dave Patten, please visit

I Need A Bad Girl

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Philadelphia based producer/artist Michael Rossey produces pop with a favor of hip-hop and club. Michael would describe himself as an outside the box producer that never settles for the average beat.

Pittsburgh Slim is Popular With The Ladies

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Hard hitting club bangers that touch on things everyone can relate to. Pittsburgh Slim is for people who just want to have a good time no matter the time, day or place.

Hip-hop stories never begin in Pittsburgh.

They also rarely involve stories featuring both Jay-Z and Nirvana. And, while were at it, its rare that Penthouse models, underground mash-up tapes, mid-90s Bronx rappers Camp Lo and New Wave geeks Devo all coalesce in one persons background.

So, meet Pittsburgh Slim. Hes different. And hes different at a time when the music industry could really, really use something special and unique. And fun.

Pittsburgh Slim–named after legendary pimp/author Iceberg Slim, as referenced in Jay-Zs Kingdom Come (Wheres Iceberg Slim/he was the coldest cat…;)–was always an anomaly. He rocked the 412, literally. Growing up in the Steel City, Slim had a duel career going, rapping from the age of 12 on…and playing guitar in a variety of post-punk bands, all indebted to the warped noise assaults of Nirvana and Jesus Lizard.

Slim had no problems meshing his two worlds. Apparently, the music world didnt either, as his first group became the burghs go-to opening act for some of raps biggest names, including Jurassic 5, Nelly, 50 Cent and Ludacris. When they hit town to play the Pavilion or the Arena, Slim and his crew were inevitably the opening act. They even had a local hit or two - songs that somehow got play on alternative, rock and urban radio.

Slim wasnt doing what everyone was doing. He was, in his words, mixing 80s pop, some rock n'roll flavor, and hip-hop beats. His reference points ranged from Camp Lo to Devo, from Nirvana to Rihanna. In a way, Im kind of like a mash-up artist, he says. This isnt traditional in any sense. He laughs. I can rap over a Yaz song or a lunch room table beat.

One song you may already know is “Girls Kiss Girls.” It’s the one that caught Jay-Z's ears - and its hard not to hear why, given the songs relatively simple but brilliant concept, its infectious electro-pop beat and, well, Slim himself, who turns what could be something crass into something funny, sexy and, for lack of better description, “I-can’t-get-this-chorus-out-of-my-head.

That song is the culmination of my years of rapping…and watching Internet porn, Slim says. Look, I could date a girl who lives in Soho, a Suicide Girl, or an Eryka Badu coffeeshop type. I’m not a douche bag. I just had this great idea for a song, thats all, and I knew where I wanted it to go.

So, in the end, who is Pittsburgh Slim? There’s no real comparison, but the rapper offers up one thought.I think my shit will hit across the board, he says. Theres very few artists out with that appeal, but I think I can accomplish that, too.

Pittsburgh Slim is currently promoting his new mixtape NOLITA NIGHTS hosted by DJ Bizzy and his new single POPULAR WITH THE LADIES featuring fellow popular kid DIRTY NASTY.

From his new mixtape NOLITA NIGHTS, Pittsburgh Slim teams up with Dirt Nasty to tell everyone why they are "POPULAR WITH THE LADIES". NOLITA NIGHTS hosted by DJ Bizzy, is not just a mixtape, it's a lifestyle. So spend a night out with the popular kids and Pittsburgh Slim, you to can be POPULAR WITH THE LADIES.

Nolita Nights Download


Location: new york, ny, USA

Contact Information:

Franz Tudor, CEO

Now City Productions, Inc

P: 914 656 1551


Rodja Dodja got Jokes

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Bricks and Burnz

Now a days with so many of the same stories and images being portrayed in the music industry it feels like nobody is original, new, or even half way decent....

Enter Steve Bricks and Ray Burnz!

Rap duo Bricks and Burnz, formally known as Cashmir Velour, consist of Steve Bricks(Steven Francis) and Ray Burnz(Raymond Duarte Jr).

The two met thru acquaintances while attending New Bedford High in Massachusetts. Steve and Ray used to battle each other by writing lyrics and mixing them wit beats for laughs and applause among peers. Little did the two know what the future had in store for them. After pursuing personal endeavors, the two linked up in 1998. Bricks returned home after fulfilling a 4yr active duty contract with the Marines, leaving as a sergeant.

Burnz worked at a local barbershop and at a Calvin Klein distribution factory. Soon after, the two began developing and perfecting their writing as a rap duo. Steve and Ray have managed to work with a few local producers before encountering financial setbacks. This was a blessing in disguise. On the Christmas of 1999, Steve Bricks received a Triton(Korg) keyboard.

Soon after, Steve quit his full time job working in the Fiber optic field to pursue his life long dream and passion, music with Ray on his side for support and encouragement.

Meanwhile, Ray was also building relationships by networking and grinding within the community with business owners, hustlers, and women for financial gains and hopes of keeping their dream alive. Over the next year, Steve Bricks worked early mornings and late nights developing his production skills and sound, which eventually would become that of what it is currently. Steve's production is heartfelt, contagious, and comparable to the industries top producers and the world alike. Together, Bricks and Burnz have a sound that is sure to catch the listeners attention and have ya'll wanting more.

The group produced their first single, (Pretty Boy), which caught the streets attention in 2001. Local response gave the group incentive to move forward and learn more about the business from the books to the boards. Bricks and Burnz' work ethics in the studio is remarkable for that of independent artists. Having written and produced all of their works entirely on their own, Bricks and Burnz have what it takes to compete with the best and are talented and blessed.

In mid 2006 Bricks and Burnz were financially backed with a studio and time to assemble their first LP. Over the next 6 months they recorded 3 albums worth of material. There after, they sold most of the musical equipment on Ebay to recoup and reimburse their investor, who backed them on their project. They managed to get another investor for final mixing, mastering and manufacturing of their album.

Bricks and Burnz are real examples of hustle and flo, and it has been said that their life is like a movie.

Assembling their album, the group played the role of being A&Rs', fine tuning their works and scouting area talent of which they would feature on their album. The artists include Champagne Durden, Timothy Whyte, Devin Lima of (LFO) and most recently the (Cadbury Diesel), Sean Tyler, Abel, Nadi, Kenyshia Andrews, Erika Charles, and Bova.

In March 2007, Bricks and Burnz released their album, self titled (Other Peoplez Money) in thanks to all that have supported them and backed them on their entire project.

Bricks and Burnz wasted no time founding their own music label (MakeMoneyMusic) in which they are pushing their album under.

With an attitude like that, Mr. Bricks and Mr. Burnz plan to steadily provide their fans with what they want - That Feel Good Music.
*The Past, Bricks and Burnz have opened up for acts, Memphis Bleek. 2001, Ludacris. 2002, Performed for amateur night at the Apollo, did countless shows in the Mass circuit, to most recently up for Neyo. "Are you looking for the next sound? The next movement ? Well look no further, this is it, anything u need Bricks & Burnz got that. *Current, The album (Other Peoples Money) out now.

Bricks and Burnz have recently signed a international publishing deal in 2008.
They had music placed on Mtv's G's to Gents reality show, and America's Best Dance Crew.

Bricks and Burnz are currently recording material for their second coming album (Believe). This is independent music at its finest. Bricks and Burnz believes success is never an individual effort. "In the right hands Bricks and Burnz could compete with the best.. DO YOU BELIEVE ?


Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States

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